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Modesto Bertotto presents Bolzonella Shirts since 1934

Modesto Bertotto presenta Bolzonella

Are you ready for something new? Today we introduce you Bolzonella , an Italian artisan company founded in 1950 , which has always maintained an unmistakable and original style. "Bolzonella 1934" is a shirt of high quality , perfect in details with a strong personality charge: the main challenge is to start from a raw fabric and work it up to make it unique and recognizable, giving free interpretation to the wearer.

Essential elements

The essential elements of the Bolzonella shirt are six.


All shirts are equipped with removable stays, in line with a sartorial idea of ​​a shirt.

Ergonomic cuff

NGR is the ergonomic cuff par excellence of the sartorial line that guarantees extreme comfort in the movements of the wearer.


The button of the slit, positioned lower than the classic shirts, has been designed for an informal and casual use of the open cuff shirt.


A brilliant idea to hang your glasses, it is an element of great charm and very useful.


The Bolzonella yoke has a particular shape, built to allow you to expand the shape of the shoulders.


The triangles on the bottom of the shirt have a reinforcement function but not only, they have been designed to increase the value of the shirt.


The main treatments are essentially four:

1) "Used" it is a wash with pumice stone and localized wear, to enhance the garment by giving three-dimensionality and depth to transversal and modern looks;

2) "Authentic" it is a soft wash which, thanks to a prolonged abrasion, gives the garment a worn look;

3) "Aged" it is a multi-phase treatment that offers an even more lived-in, almost “dusty” look;

4) "Used Color" is a treatment that allows the garment to shine from the chromatic point of view through the dyeing.


Accessories Made in Italy, the mother-of-pearl buttons are made from natural shells from all over the world.

1) “Goldfish” , buttons inspired by a spiral valve from Japan, a thin and wavy shell of a golden beige color;

2) “Haliotis” , a shell from Mexico with similar characteristics to the previous ones, but with a green / blue color with incredible shades;

3) "Trocas" , on the other hand, is a particular shell from Indonesia, heavier than the others and very colorful on the outside.

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