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The 7 folds tie: Neapolitan sartorial tradition

La cravatta 7 pieghe: tradizione sartoriale napoletana

The 7-folds tie is the queen of Italian ties.

Why "7 folds"?

A 7-fold tie is a tie in which the fabric, after being cut, comes before the final seam folded in on itself several times . Compared to classic ties, the result is one more tie thick and original and, thanks to its characteristics, it remains stop And composed , following the wearer's movements.

How is it done?

The 7 fold tie is strictly handmade by expert tailors , precisely because the folding of the fabric can only be carried out after having acquired special tailoring skills.

The fabric

Having been born as an accessory for the noble class, since the beginning of the century, for the manufacture of a 7-fold tie we used fine fabrics , such as printed silk twill .

Modesto Bertotto offers you 7-fold ties from the historic Neapolitan company It tingles which, since the early 1900s, has been making real silk masterpieces, ideal to be worn in business or formal events.


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