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How handmade handmade shoes are made

Come si realizzano le scarpe fatte a mano artigianali

The handmade shoes they are highly sought after by those who appreciate accessories exclusive , which adapt to your style. Handmade shoes are a real "must have" of men's fashion, because they recall the true essence of craftsmanship , as it was once done. The art of making handcrafted shoes it has always been transmitted from generation to generation, through advice And secrets jealously guarded. Thus, in the points of sale and in the online shop Modesto Bertotto you will find exclusively handmade shoes from the best artisans of Italy , both for men and women.

Why choose a pair of handmade shoes?

It's not just about looks aesthetic , but also of comfort And health of the foot. The shoe that adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot gives comfort and well-being.

How is a Modesto Bertotto shoe made?

There are various steps that allow the creation of a handcrafted shoe.

Preparation of the uppers

The upper is the upper part of the shoe, formed by a shaped piece, attached to the sole through a seam. The cutting of the upper leathers must be very precise and is done by hand or laser.


In the sewing phase, the assembly of all the parts just cut is done by hand and must respect the direction of the leather in order to guarantee maximum elasticity to the foot.

This process is long and expensive, it distinguishes the quality shoe, since it allows the reinforcements to be inserted inside the upper to make the strong shoe comfortable, elegant and at the same time harmonious.

Intertwining of the skin

The upper can also be made with interweaving. In our Neapolitan laboratory this process is performed only by hand.


Assembly is the assembly operation of each single component of the shoe, the upper is then sewn to the insole and sole. The insoles used are only in cowhide, in order to secure the foot comfort and breathability.

Checking the soles and finishing

This step is also done by hand. All the details must fully reflect the quality standards, so that a perfect pair of shoes can be made. The quality of the sole is essential to give the necessary elasticity to the shoe and make the fit and the walk pleasant

Finishing of the upper

The last operation is the dyeing and the polishing final of the shoe made according to its final use. In this final phase, colors and creams are used to give the shoe shine and softness. Brighter and shinier finishes for ceremonial footwear or more opaque and vintage finishes for more sporty shoes.

Modesto Bertotto handmade shoes

In our stores and in the online shop we offer a wide range of handmade shoes designed for " business ", " casual " occasions and to wear for ceremonies .

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