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Terms of service

Conditions of sale

Modesto Bertotto is a MODESTO BERTOTTO S.R.L. brand.

These general terms of sale (hereafter referred to as general terms) outline the methods and conditions of sale of marketed products (hereafter referred to as products) by MODESTO BERTOTTO S.R.L. and inherent to the site modestobertotto.com.

Unless otherwise indicated, the prices of the products published on MODESTO BERTOTTO Srl (www.modestobertotto.com) shall be construed as inclusive of VAT. The prices of the products quoted from time to time by MODESTO BERTOTTO Srl (www.modestobertotto.com) cancel and replace the previous prices and are subject to the actual availability of the products. MODESTO BERTOTTO Srl (www.modestobertotto.com) reserves the right to confirm or modify the prices of the products published on its own internet site.

The products cannot be tried on. Although MODESTO BERTOTTO Srl (www.modestobertotto.com) can provide information about the characteristics of the products, the Costumer is responsible for the choice of the ordered products. The pictures of the Products are indicative and not binding.If a special offer promoted by MODESTO BERTOTTO Srl (www.modestobertotto.com) involves sending a gift product with one or more purchased products, the Customer will be entitled to that gift product only if specifically asked for in the order sent to MODESTO BERTOTTO Srl (www.modestobertotto.com) and until stocks have been exhausted.