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Oxford or Derby shoes: what are the differences?

Scarpe Derby e Scarpe Oxford Differenze

When it comes to men shoes, the dualism between the Oxford and the Derby model often recurs, but are we sure we know exactly the differences between these two versions of the classic men's shoe? Let's do some clarity.

To tell the truth, knowing how to distinguish an Oxford from a Derby is very simple, because the difference consists in a single detail, despite what is often said about the shape of the tip, the motifs that decorate them, etc ...

To distinguish one Oxford model shoe From one Derby model it is in fact simply the lacing , which is opened in a Derby and closed in an Oxford.
Let's explain it better.

If the lacing of the shoe lets a finger pass between the eyelet holders letting a glimpse of the tab below, we are faced with the typical open lacing that characterizes the Derby model .
If, on the other hand, the lacing is closed , the eyelets touch and the tongue emerges only in the upper part of the shoe, then that is a Oxford type shoe , also known as an Oxford shoe.

Derby Shoes and Oxford Shoes: Differences

Having made this single distinction, Derby and Oxford can then be declined in different variations: smooth or decorated with embroidery with holes at the tip, opaque or glossy.

Oxford and Derby: which one to choose?

Having clarified what is the difference that distinguishes these two models, the certainty remains that both the Oxford and the Derby are one elegant lace-up shoes , yet choosing between one and the other can make the difference and make the outfit suitable for the occasion.
So let's see when and why to prefer one to the other.

There Oxford (so named because the first to wear it were university students, scions of the best English families) gives one more classic and formal style , perfect under pinstripe suits, tailored suits and tight. It is undoubtedly the shoe to wear in more formal occasions and especially in the ceremony .

Model Derby , precisely because of its open lacing that facilitates the fit and reveals a greater portion of the sock, gives a more sporty and informal style , which allows it to be worn under jeans or in any case with more casual suits, helping to make the neat and flawless look.

The difference between Oxford and Derby is therefore a matter of details, but, you know, style is made up of details, and the man who wants to stand out with the right look on every occasion will be able to treasure these details, always adapting them to his own taste. and your personality.


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