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Plastron, Bowtie or Tie?

Plastron, Papillon o Cravatta?
Elegance passes through attention to detail and the choice of precious accessories. Fundamental elements for the success of your ceremony dress.
This short 7-step guide will help you choose the right dress. From models to fabrics to the most suitable accessories for your composition.
Step 4

Plastron, Papillon or Tie?

The plastron:
Icon of the dandy style, the plastron, similar to a wider tie, represents the noblest and most luxurious choice. It is strictly worn together with the waistcoat with the half tight or for a more contemporary version of the tuxedo .
Natural silk or very fine wool fabrics are preferred.
The plastron has always been a very popular choice for the day ceremony, it will give elegance and refinement to your composè.
The Papillon:
The gentleman's accessory par excellence. Always an icon of men's formal style for gala evenings and special occasions.
The perfect match if you wear a tuxedo , with or without a waistcoat. To be preferred in silk to give even more emphasis to the details of your dress.
If your style is casual and more informal, you can still choose a knitted bow tie suitable for the Country Chic ceremony, preferring colored and patterned fabrics.


The timeless accessory.
The tie has always been the element that completes the men's formal suit. For the ceremony, however, we must keep in mind some important rules.
The tie is combined with a single-breasted jacket with two or three buttons.
It can be worn with the half tight , preferring natural fabrics such as very fine wool or silk.
It can be worn with the c ountry chic dress looking for micro patterns and printed designs in the Neapolitan tradition with bright and vibrant colors.

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