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How to Choose the Shoe for the Men's Ceremony

Come Scegliere la Scarpa per la Cerimonia Uomo
Elegance passes through attention to detail and therefore the choice of accessories is fundamental. Elements that determine the success of your ceremony dress.
This short 7-step guide will help you choose the right dress. From models to fabrics to the most suitable accessories for your composition.
Step 7
the Shoe for the Men's Ceremony
Matching shoes to your ceremony dress is not a simple thing. It is not enough to wear a pair of dark shoes to be elegant, but it is the details that complete the right look and determine its style. In fact, there are various types of men's footwear suitable for specific occasions. Let's see together how to choose the right shoe model based on the type of event and the model of the dress.

The Oxford shoe

There Oxford (so named because the first to wear it were university students, scions of the best English families) gives one more classic and formal style , perfect under tailored suits, tuxedos and half tight . It is undoubtedly the shoe to wear in more formal occasions and especially in the ceremony .
Colors and Materials: Glossy black in calfskin for the protagonists of the ceremony. Matte black brushed leather will be the right option for all occasions.
Glossy Black Calf Leather Oxford Shoe with Half Tight
Oxford Shoe in Black Calfskin Round Toe

The Derby Footwear

The Derby shoe gives a contemporary style, which allows it to be worn with a tuxedo or half tight, giving a fresh and youthful look.
The Derby shoe is a shoe with open lacing that allows greater comfort and ease in being worn.
If you still have doubts about the difference between Scarpa Derby and Oxford, we invite you to read this article .
Colors and Materials: In this case you can choose according to the type of dress you have decided to wear. In blue brushed calfskin with blue or navy suits, in black brushed calfskin for gray, black and navy suit shades.
Blue Shiny Brushed Calfskin Derby Shoe with Navy Shawl Smoking Rever
Derby Shoe in Black Shiny Brushed Calfskin

The Loafer

Among the men's formal shoes we also find them: the Loafer. This is the classic formal moccasin, perfect for creating an outfit that is not too set but equally elegant. In fact, moccasins are the right compromise between sporty and formal.
For the ceremony there are mainly two models:
Classic: Without fringes or tassels. It goes perfectly with the Classic Tuxedo for Men, especially if in black and shiny blue brushed calfskin.
With Tassels: More informal, particularly suitable for the Country Chic ceremony.
In shiny brushed calfskin for the most attentive to current trends.
Green Suede Loafer with Sage Green Cotton Linen Dress (Country Chic)
Moccasin with Tassels in Shiny Black Calf Leather with Black Tuxedo

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