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Save the Duck
Save the Duck is the 100% animal free brand. It was born in 2012 to create garments that respect the planet earth and all the living beings that inhabit it.
The first Save The Duck duvets are colorful, light and smart: they can be folded up to fit into a pocket. But this portable jacket also contains a very important concept: it is made without natural down and with recycled material.

From the beginning, our philosophy was simple… making shoes for people; for who they are and how they live. The importance and respect for craftsmanship have always been with us and have inspired us during our journey that has lasted for seventy years.

Ceccarelli manufacture

100% Made in Italy

Manifattura Ceccarelli garments are designed as technical garments inspired by the outdoor world, but with a modern interpretation, suitable for our times and also for everyday use in the city, in everyday life.

Z. Hinchliffe Knitwear Made in England

We combine the experience accumulated through the generations with modern technological advances to produce the best quality yarns in the international market.

Not Printed - Made in Italy

"Not Printed", that is, "not printed" which is based on the ability to provide the final customer with both a unique garment, where the imperfection of the painting increases this uniqueness, and the maximum emotion in reliving exciting moments. The paintings shown on the garments collect reinterpreted characters, landscapes and symbols that always aim to excite those who wear them and those who see them wear.

Bolzonella 1934

Bolzonella 1934 is the expression of the creativity of Alessandro Bolzonella, a Paduan stylist who gathered the great experience and profound craftsmanship of his parents Eros and Rossana, who in 1950 founded one of the most renowned shirt shops in the Veneto.


A story. A jacket. A perfect cut.

Every detail has a specific purpose, every pocket tells a story.

Live the Tuscan tradition with CAPALBIO ABBIGLIAMENTO , a Heritage style in a modern key.


Leave room for creativity with the collection of Bags of the historic notebook brand.

Accessories with a timeless design, comfortable and essential for everyday life.


The evolution of Denim where style meets versatility, essential but sophisticated.


Re-HasH designs intimately unique garments, designed for an adult and conscious public, protagonist of their choices and refractory to fashion diktats.




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