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More than a century since the beginning of a great story

Più di un secolo dall'inizio di una grande storia

In Veglio Mosso (BI), in the locality of Romanina, the Modesto Bertotto factory is born .

Since the early 1900s, the company has been verticalized , the maker of wool and the creation of the fabric.

At that time we are witnessing a socio-cultural change: thanks to the increase in employment and wages, a generalized improvement in living conditions is initiated, which involves the dimension of free time.

The founder of the Bertotto family has a brilliant intuition: fabrics no longer have to be just functional but pleasant to the touch and sight. In practice: they must be linked to style.

Modesto also matures an obsessive attention to the technological aspect, from the purchase of production machinery in England to a sort of power plant that will transport from southern Italy to Piedmont.

In the fifties, the spinning mill was moved to Gattinara (VC) , where an important production space was built on purpose. In the following years, spinning saw the fabric boom and was distinguished by the very fine fabrics whose collections were proposed to the best Italian and English tailors, showing ever since the vocation to export.

In 1977 the large factory was built in Sandigliano (BI) , where the entire production flows; this time the location is no longer in the valley but near the communication routes.

In 1979 it also became the seat of the first Modesto Bertotto branded sales point; this is the first woolen mill that goes beyond the usual range of action, offering packaging and direct sales to the public, with specialized personnel who have developed experience in tailoring and packaging.

The nineties mark the last generation of Modesto Bertotto, establishing a partnership with the Enoch family.

The new owner believes in the potential of retail development and opens the store in Verrone (Bi). The space is used as a large showroom for stylists and fashion companies, who can consult the historical collections and draw inspiration from them.

Today Modesto Bertotto is a much more complex and diversified reality that ranges from the production of fabric to the creation of collections of finished products and the development of single-brand stores. "We also collaborate closely with Lanificio Zignone , which today is our partner. Over time the our goal has always remained the same, guaranteeing quality and maintaining a lasting relationship with our customers.


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