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The history of the Sci Club Biella comes to life on jacquard blankets and hand-painted sweatshirts by Modesto Bertotto

La Storia dello Sci Club Biella rivive su coperte jacquard e felpe dipinte a mano di Modesto Bertotto
The fascinating photographic archive of the Sci Club Biella dedicated to the glorious past of skiing in Oropa inspires a Capsule Collection with a Heritage style.



«Observing the people, the athletes who also came from across the border and their way of dressing, takes us back to a truly fascinating era. We wanted to "stop time" through a jacquard fabric that wants to evoke those moments. The blanket we made is in recycled wool with a small percentage of silk, and thanks to the particular structure that creates chiaroscuro, it was possible to reproduce the images of Anna Busancano with skis on her feet and of the champion Luciano Zampatti during the jump that brought him in second place in the Coppa Oropa in 1930»

Giulio Enoch - Modest Bertotto


Home blankets in recycled Jaquard wool, hand-painted sweatshirts depicting historic images of the time, scented candles and a “Coppa Oropa” mini box, the all-Biellese cocktail to prepare at home or to give as a gift.
A collection dedicated to those who love the mountains and to those who, like the Ski Club, intend to make young people love them too.
The goal is to concretely demonstrate our attention and support for the area , its history , l its past and its potential . Part of the proceeds from sales will go to support the sports association which promotes the mountains and the passion for skiing with its activity.
Project GOLD CUP 1930 -Corporate-
Our intention is also to develop the COPPA OROPA 1930 project by creating personalized garments for companies in the Biella area who wish to offer quality gifts to their customers
The next goal is to offer this project to companies outside the Biella area as well, specialized furniture outlets or hotel facilities which can offer their customers the exclusive heritage of a territory through ad hoc textile collections.

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