Since 1889 Modesto Bertotto has been exclusively engaged in the production of extra fine fabrics for high-end tailor shops and for the products of leading Italian and international designers. Today, it has become a much more complex and diversified business

Modesto Bertotto is supported by the production capacities and the know how of famous verticalised Biella-based fabric mills specialised in the processing of wool and the manufacturing – from the yarns to the weaving – of extra fine fabrics which are employed to produce its clothing collections.
The close cooperation with Lanificio Zignone has been cultivated since 2007, and currently the important Biella-based mill is a partner in the company’s retail business.

Modesto Bertotto cooperates closely with Italian tailor laboratories specialised in the manufacturing of formal wear and sportswear. From ceremonies to cocktail parties to formal occasions and leisure, each lab is selected according to the particular product offered.
Modesto Bertotto’s total look is the result of an accurate selection of the manufacturing partners that have contributed over time to the success of the clothing collections.

Modesto Bertotto owns 4 points of sale in Italy and 1 in Switzerland. In addition, there are many sales points around the world, like in Turkey, etc.
In the course of 2012, the European Retail business has been expanded through an important project: the distribution in China of Modesto Bertotto’s Italian clothing and brings upscale “Made in Italy” products to China’s new luxury lovers. The first flagship store will be opened in the capital city of the Ancient Empire in the course of 2013.