For consumers who purchase items outside the scope of their business, the legislation that is applied is Decreto Legislativo 2 febbraio 2002, n. 24., artt. 1519-bis e seguenti c.c. – (for two years based on the conditions of the law).

For other customers, who usually purchase with VAT code, legal guarantees of articles 1490 e seguenti c.c. (for one year based on the conditions of the law). Modesto Bertotto S.R.L. guarantees material integrity of products inherent to the site at the time of the delivery (following, the “Modesto Bertotto S.R.L. guarantee”).

Any defects covered by Modesto Bertotto’s warranty must be reported by the Customer, exercising the legitimate right of withdrawal, no later than fifteen days from the date of delivery, under penalty of forfeiture of the right. In case of validity of the Modesto Bertotto S.R.L. guarantee, the Customer will be entitled to the replacement of damaged products upon return of the same, this excludes, however, any right to compensation for further damages.

Except in the cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of Modesto Bertotto S.R.L. (, it is now agreed that, if it is found that Modesto Bertotto S.R.L. ( is liable in any way to the Client – including the case of non-compliance, in whole or in part, the obligations assumed by Modesto Bertotto S.R.L. ( with respect to the customer as a result of the execution of an order – the liability of Modesto Bertotto S.R.L. ( shall not exceed the price of the Products purchased by the Customer and over which the dispute arose.

Modesto Bertotto S.R.L. ( doesn’t provide any guarantee on the additional products provided by individual manufacturers.
Technical support and services provided under warranty, are performed, where applicable, by individual manufacturers in accordance with terms and conditions listed in the documentation attached to the articles themselves.

In case of need of assistance please contact our ( customer service at: