Raw Material

Merinos wool

The fleece of merino sheep is the raw material of the world’s most valuable wool. The breed originated in Spain and was imported to Australia in the late 1700s by captain MacArthur. Its fibres are very fine and curly. Thanks to improved selection, Australian breeders have attained extremely high quality standards that reach their peak with the Super Fine Merino.


Everybody knows that this term is synonymous with preciousness. But not everybody knows that this fibre is very rare: every year only 5 million kilograms are produced throughout the world. The finest cashmere comes from Mongolia, superior to that produced in Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey and India. To protect themselves against Mongolia’s harsh climate, cashmere goats grow two coats, the outer, formed by coarse hair, and an undercoat with a short, very fine and extremely warm down called duvet. Only the duvet wool is made into cashmere. To get an idea of its exclusiveness, consider that a goat provides only 100 grams of duvet each year.


In this case the fibre is produced from a goat. The name Angora goat derives from Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, where these animals have been raised for over 2000 years. From Turkey, the breed spread as far as South Africa, which currently produces about half of all the mohair marketed worldwide. It is a material with uniform fibres that are particularly shiny and free from impurities. Mohair fibre, already appreciated in ancient times by King Solomon, is very long, regular, insulating, thin and lustrous. It is extremely elastic, especially that obtained from the animal’s first shearing that takes place during its first six months of life.


Silk is produced by the silkworm which feeds on the leaves of mulberry and spins an extremely fine continuous filament in which it enwraps itself. It might be interesting to know that the cocoon, once unravelled, measures on average from 600 to 900 metres! Sericulture has been practised in China since 2600 BC; still today, this country produces the greatest amount and best varieties of silk.