The fabric line for elegant and yet not formal wear, to be worn without a tie, adding a distinguishing touch in eclectic situations. The patterns are bright but always in tune with the refined colours; the indeterminate shades easily match all kinds of accessories.


The elegance of these fabrics marks business wear for men who refuse to give up their image even in sober business situations. These fabrics can be used to make garments that express personality. The more classical greys and blues are interpreted with topical patterns that are never obvious or standardized.


The higher quality fabrics that express the true sartorial tradition. The patterns are taken from the old Modesto Bertotto archives and are reinterpreted with a modern taste. The custom-made garments with sophisticated patterns and colour shades are made following traditional methods to satisfy the most demanding customer. Interpreting personal taste is not something that mass-produced clothing can do.


Fabrics made into garments for free time, especially jackets. British classics revisited in the Italian casual style. Perfect for unmatched sets, they feature sophisticated patterns and medium dark tones that are perfect for pleasant and relaxing gatherings, evenings with friends, Sunday morning brunch or an afternoon on the golf course.


Fabrics of extra fine wool blended with mohair or silk. These fibres provide the kind of perfect lustre that befits formal wear. Micro patterns or extremely fine pin stripes become the raw material for morning dress, black lounge suits or cocktail attire. The fibres are strictly natural to avoid the typical shiny effect of synthetics, producing an extremely elegant sheen.