Dedicated to tailor’s shops

The distinguished man has his personal tailor.
He consults the tailor before a particularly important business meeting, an event he can’t miss or a ceremony where all eyes will be focused on him.

The tailor presents the new fabrics, suggests the shape and interprets taste and style. We’ve dedicated Bunch to him. This is a collection with a rich selection of fabrics, differing by patterns, colours and use, designed to become an essential tool.

Each time a new fabric collection comes out it is developed in an endless number of versions. Bunch includes a rich sampling, split into fabric typologies with suggestions for use. These selections of the collections are exclusively produced for tailor’s shops.

Modesto Bertotto is able to guarantee the tailor shop the shipment of a single suit fabric length within 2/3 days. Delivered by courier complete with customised selvage, marked by the signature of the manufacturer as a guarantee for both tailor and customer.

The Bunch books are distributed to tailors upon request. If you are a tailor and would like to receive the book, please contact us.